You are what you eat. Every athlete takes this quote a little too seriously considering their diet and eating habit. A good healthy balanced diet is what keeps every athlete going, a proper fuel for athletes workout, and a powerhouse for their sports and training session.

Being an elite athlete, one must sacrifice or let go of certain things that might pull down the endurance. Sugar and junk foods are few among them. If you are an athlete looking for healthy food options, we have curated the best healthy foods for athletes to add to their diet plan.

Although we would like to clear the air that there is no universal diet chart for the athletes. What works the best for one may not yield the same for the other. However, it is best to consider the opinion of a qualified dietician to draft a diet plan that works the best for you.

Here are some of the most common 8 healthy foods athletes add to the diet in order to pump up the endurance and protein in their bodies.

1. Salmon

Healthy Foods For Athletes


If you’re a sucker for seafood, then salmon should make its way to the top of your seafood list. Salmon is best known for its muscle-building proteins and omega-3 fatty acids making this oily fish a powerhouse of protein. 

This fish can reduce the inflammation that’s normally associated with rigorous athletic activity. It is also a natural artery cleanser as well.

Go creative with the salmon, as it really goes well with burgers, salads, or even a simple toasted recipe.

2. Bananas

Best Foods For Athletes


Even if you are not an elite athlete looking for a healthy food option, do not rule out the bananas from your food list. Here are two reasons why you should consider adding it to your diet plan, one obviously being extremely cheap when considering the prices of other foods in the list and the second being the never-ending list of health benefits clubbed with each banana.

These are an excellent source of natural electrolytes that gives the necessary fuel to your endurance workouts. It is also high in potassium content which will increase your fluid intake and also help prevent muscle spasms.

3. Berries



These extremely delicious fruits do wonders to your body especially if you are someone into intensive workouts during the training sessions. Berries like blackberries, raspberries are a rich source of antioxidants that propels every intense physical activity.

Berries contain a type of phytochemicals that are extremely good in curbing the oxidative stress that usually occurs in the body after intense workouts. 

4. Nuts 

Athletes Foods


Nuts are loaded to their brim with a good source of healthy fats, protein, fibers, and vitamin E. Unlike other foods on this list, nuts can act as a great idea for a mid-day snack or you can consider having it with your morning cereals.

Nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, and walnuts are a great source of protein that can help you keep pushing harder at the sports or workout sessions during your athletic training.

5. Cereal



If you’re someone looking to switch for a healthy breakfast option, there’s no reason you should look past the cereal as the most preferred choice. Cereal is packed with nutrients like iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, and E.

You can go creative with the cereals as well, which makes them less boring of a breakfast option. You can even consider cereals as a mid-day snack to boost energy as well.

6. Chicken

 Foods for Athletes in 2022


Love some chicken breasts for the lunch? Well, don’t hold back from trying out some tasty chicken recipes for your lunch or dinner. Chicken is extremely good for muscle development which plays a huge part in playing intense sports.

Chickens are packed with proteins and amino acids that can help provide the body the energy it needs before a good game and it also helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. These white meats are beneficial in muscle recovery as well. 

7. Milk

Healthy Foods in 2022


Unarguably one of the best healthy food for the athlete, milk should be a part of every athlete’s diet except for those with lactose intolerant who can look into the other alternatives. 

Milk is loaded with proteins and good quality carbs that make them extremely beneficial for muscle recovery after a good workout session. Milk tends to aid in repairing muscle tensions after every training session making them a great post-workout snack. 

8. Hydrating Foods

Hydrating Foods for Athletes
These are very essential in keeping the water levels in check. Foods like watermelon, dates, oranges, bell peppers are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients that keep the body hydrated and healthy.

However, keep the quantity in check as guzzling down more than a cup of orange juice will ignite the calories intake in the body. 

In short, these foods can help you with your high-performance training, sports, and workout session. If you are an elite athlete or trying to be one, you might have to kiss some of your favorites a forever goodbye to stay healthy and in shape. 

While foods with high sugar content are bad for your health, the hardest goodbye has to be sweet desserts. Each of the foods listed above is packed with a never-ending list of micro and macronutrients that are good for any professional athlete but always remember to keep an eye on the quantity you wish to intake. 

Consider keeping yourself hydrated at all costs with a regular intake of water to keep the water levels in check.