Medals are symbols of achievements in sports, military services, or for displaying unparalleled excellence in any given field. Medals sure don’t make people any richer than they already are but it does spike up their dopamine, motivation factor, and the momentary urge to overcome any hurdles. 

Before we dive into why medal hanger displaying is important let's dig deeper into a much wider subject. I.e., the history of medals.

History of medals


Medals are made of thin disc-like metals often crafted with the purpose of congratulating the individual on their excellence in the respective subject. 

They are to be worn around the neck to display the act of precision and valor but often do they end up being in the attic or a bag that carries a list of other dormant products that’s least used in the house rather than being suspended in the center of the hall.

But their value differs based on the premise of the stage they were delivered. For example, let's take the Olympics where winning the medal is all it takes to bring a smile to the faces of millions in a country. Do you see how that works?

Primarily medals are more popular in the military services where they are awarded to the service personnel as a recognition for their peerless service and sheer courage where each medal denote a specific purpose and rank.

Importance of medals


  • What purpose does a medal hold for a kid, you might ask? Well, it's what keeps them going through their tougher times mostly during a blacked-out stage in their sports career.
  • Medals and trophies have been scientifically shown to be a significant part of building confidence, precision, and attitude mentally for any sporting event.
  • Medals are awarded to fuel the positive learning environment for a kid as an individual and also drive them to work as a team towards a collective goal
  • Medals are associated with crafting a positive reinforcement of specific factors that might trigger the kids of their unrivaled performance.
  • Being a young kid does take away the opportunities of seeking motivation which can be counterattacked by awarding them the medals which will help them find motivation during the challenging times and lows of their sporting or academic career.
  • Medals can push and nudge the kids to hit right on the target that can help them learn about goal assessment and performance analysis.

Now that you understand the importance of medals, it is also important to display them with proper hangers letting them suspend freely in a hallway in full public view to display the medal of glory to cease your kid’s momentum.