When was the last time you ever feel pushed to do something even after being drained of your grit and energy? 

Now compare the scenario with a little kid, when he hits a low, odds are that he or she might not be able to flourish the way their parents intend them to be.

 This is why it is important to showcase the medals in order to gently shower them with a dose of motivation. And by motivating we do not mean scattering the medals around the floor or tables, we mean it by using a proper medal stand or hanger to keep them organized. 

By introducing personalized medal hangers into our lives, we activate the motivation factor within that inspires every individual and reminds them of their glorious achievements.

The urge is real, to do something phenomenal but with that being said, it gets even more painstakingly hard especially when you have hit the rock bottom in your life. 

This is exactly where medals do the wonders, offering the ray of hope, a ray of sunshine that delivers the much-needed push, the gentle nudge you or that kid needs to do the unthinkable with passion and grit.

The story behind medals


Considering this being the fourth century, the act of bravery and valor does not bring you what the current world offers but what it does give away was the medal of honors as a symbol of appreciation awarded to the person.

The first medal was awarded by Alexander Balas to Jonathan which history recalls being a bright golden button that had its own charm. 

However, we are not typically sure if they used it to call them the ‘medals’ as the term was coined in 1578 for the very first time derived from the French term médaille.

So what exactly were the hype and craze circling the golden button or medal as the modern world likes to it? It is the symbol of appreciation, a token that displays determination, passion, grit, valor, and a clear act of dominance in a particular field or politics.


Contrary to what everyone believes, medals aren’t just a status symbol that of course shows off the unparalleled quality the person posses but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. 

There’s no scientific backing to how this one psychologically pushes the person to try to be the better version, but it sure does seem to have struck a chord with athletes and other sportspeople.

Why do you need medal hangers?


Medals lying around in the hall are no different than putting it up at the attics tucked inside a wooden box with little to no care. Medals are meant to be hung with the shiny medal embracing all the glory and sweat that went behind making the athlete the greatest he/she is.

Owning a medal stand or medal display holder is as important as keeping them organized. 

Why do you need personalized medal hangers to display medals?

Each achievement is unique, that needs its standalone big picture to unearth the story behind them. Customizable medal hangers often let out an expression or a voice similar to the legacy it carries.

By personalizing your very own medal hanger or stand, you are making the medal hanger a mere reflection of your personality. 

Right from etching your name on the medal stand to getting to choose the posture of your very own sports, you are building your hanger from scratch to display your medals in a personality that’s not much different from your own.

And how exactly do you intend to do that? Get yourself a quality medal hanger that can last for a lifetime as much as the medals just so you can turn the pages of your years and still get the goose bumps and adrenaline-pumping right inside you.

What is personalized medal hanger?

Part of you is guessing what exactly is the personalized medal hanger or a medal stand? Well as the name says out loud, it is a customizable medal hanger that you can call it your own.

 The customizing option lets you design, yes you read that right, put you right in the driving seat giving you the wheel to draw the direction you want to get.

The idea is to reflect your emotion, outlook, vibe, and sporting event to let you know that the medals hanging there rightfully were conquered by you through displaying them in a medal holder or a medal stand. 


Here’s why you should get yourself a medal holder to display medals

  • Medals and trophies have been scientifically shown to be a significant part of building confidence, precision, and attitude mentally for any sporting event.
  • Medals are awarded to fuel the positive learning environment for a kid as an individual and also drive them to work as a team towards a collective goal
  • Medals are associated with crafting a positive reinforcement of specific factors that might trigger the kids of unrivaled performance.
  • Being a young kid does take away the opportunities of seeking motivation which can be counterattacked by awarding them the medals which will help them find motivation during the challenging times and lows of their sporting or academic career.
  • Medals can push and nudge the kids to hit right on the target that can help them learn about goal assessment and performance analysis.


Each medal has its own story to share, the story of inevitable grit, passion, and sweat that need its perfect dais to showcase its true potential. Decorate the priceless medals with your own personalized medal hangers to reflect their true color.