It’s hard to come across someone who inspires us as much as Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Jordan does. Apart from his extremely good looks and the fact that he has taken the ‘living the life king size’ a bit too seriously, it’s down to the discipline, hard work, and commitment to the world of football.

Right from the moment their alarm sets off, it’s entirely a different or a parallel universe an athlete lives in while pitted against a commoner. The of an athlete is complex to comprehend better, What looks like a lucky streak to many, is actually countless years of relentless hard work and unabated practice to be on top of their game.

If you are looking for a quick snippet into the day-to-day lifestyle or life of an athlete, read more to know about the lifestyle, eating habits of an athlete, and more.

The lifestyle of an athlete


Apart from the swavy cars, medals, trophies, and colossal mansions that cost a fortune, there’s much more happening behind the lifestyle of every athlete. 

Bridging the gap between their goal and mind processing takes up a chunk of their daily time as this goes on to carve the way their body reacts to various tasks and challenges they have to face in their sports journey.

Training: Half of the training relies on honing their skills related to their sports and innovating new strategies to outplay their opponents. The intense workout session is followed by a recovery stage as well given the time the body and mind needs to unwind themselves.


Workout: The workout session typically differs depending on the sporting events one caters to, but cardio training is a basic staple in an athlete’s lifestyle.. This usually takes up to 1 or 2 hours depending on their schedule usually accompanied by frequent drink breaks.

Lifestyle Routine: This routine cycle might sound a bit too monotonous and mind-numbing to many but this is what helps an athlete in building the core system for a longer run.

Waking up early and going to crash early is something that fuels up their recovery process. Most athletes command over 7 hours of sound sleep to stay dynamic and agile.


Sleep pattern: The constant traveling and limelight also come with a cost that causes a huge dent in their sleeping pattern. We get it not everyone is lucky enough to find every place they move to cozy enough to bunk right away. 

Some athletes usually tend to carry their own pillow wherever they travel to ensure they have a quality sleep up before their big game.

So what exactly does their training session look like?

Well as we suggested early, each sport requires a different approach to the workout and training but a normal training session will include an intense workout for 6 days in a week with 1 day being completely off the radar kind of day to ensure gifting the body a proper recovery time. 

This will tend to differ based on the main sports event or competition season.

Food habits of an athlete



An average athlete’s body endures a countless degrees of stress in any given day which in turn needs a proper nutrition to counteract it. Cutting out carbs is one of the basic things any athlete looks to start with once they get on their training season. 

Cheat days are a big no-n. we have all definitely seen Cristiano Ronaldo endorsing water over carbonated drink that goes on to explain how focused and selective he is considering his diet.

 An athlete’s diet is typically loaded with veggies and fruits to ensure their body get uninterrupted nutrition flow. They need good quantity of protein to power and fuel their intense workout session or even for the main sporting events. 

Including diary products and eggs can boost the protein in the body.

There’s no universal diet for an athlete. But most of them Include lean meat, fish, poultry or vegetarian alternatives such as tofu or legumes at both lunch and dinner daily.

Do athletes take supplements? Well they certainly take supplements but they make sure they get their required proteins from the whole foods upfront. 

Supplements are the extra fuel needed by the athlete to ensure their body gets uninterrupted flow of proteins and other vital vitamins at any given instance.

Famous athletes in the world


When it comes to the football, Messi is unarguably one of the very best to have ever graced the soccer fields. Be it his unmatched agility or the miraculous dribbling skills, he truly is the wizard of the football world.

Apart from his stunning net worth and disciplined lifestyle, Messi is also know for his subtle workout routine unlike his former LaLiga rival Cristiano Ronaldo who is focused on hardcore workout regime that keeps his body ripped as ever.

 But that doesn’t mean Messi is any weaker when it comes to workout. His usual training sessions starts early right after a fresh shower to ensure his muscles and mind are fresh and active. 

He mainly focusses on his speed and footwork which includes different exercises every day.

For the starters, he practises the pillar bridge-front, , hamstring stretches, lunges, and pillar skips. To strengthen his core and leg muscles, he uses the hurdle hop as well as split squats. To further amplify his agility, he does different acceleration drills to boost his speed.

So what exactly does Messi eat in a day?


Well you can expect only the finest quality of diet plan makes it to his table when popular Italian nutrition Giuliano Poser is the man behind his diet chart. He has segregated five foods such as water, olive oil, fresh fruits, whole grains and fresh vegetables as the footballer’s key frame in his dietary module.

Messi eats good quantity of nuts everyday as advised by Poser and has also cut down on the sugar to provide the body enough room to accommodate healthy nutrients. He has also been asked to cut down his meat consumption and to rely heavily on fresh fruits and vegetables.

It all boils down to the point where you choose discipline and grit over anything else to become an elite and pro athlete. The routine can be tiring or often ‘dreary’ as the normal person would like to call, but this goes on to built the core system of an athlete that will stand tall for a lifetime to come.