Do you recall those days as a kid when you used to win a medal for a race or any sports? And you get these weird ‘butterflies in the stomach’ moments and can’t wait to get home and display those medals in stunning ways? 

Well, it’s not just you, everyone who has won medals would love to display their medals in style but somewhere down the line they stumble their way down in pulling off the job. 

Here’re some perfect ways to display your medals so you can cherish those special moments every time you see them.

How to display more medals?

olympics medals

Whether be it a race or a marathon or any sporting event, you will always have the urge to share your accomplishments and display those medals. Well if there are very few medals like 2 or 3 there are many interesting ways to display the medals. 

There are many DIY product tutorials available online for you to build your very own medal hangers.

At the end of the day, each of the medals unravels a deep story tangled with it, it shows the hours of hard work and years of training as well. And it’s about time you get to display those medals in all their glory. So let’s take a quick look at the possible ways you can display your medals or trophies now.

DIY Medal Hanger Ideas 

1. Glass Jar Display

 Glass Jar Display


This might be one of the easiest ways to display your medals. Buy a solid glass jar from the store and place your medals in a way they are seen clearly from a distance. The obvious letdown is the minimal number of medals put into the jar. You can’t stuff more than 5 medals into the jar as it gets crowdy as well as clumsy in the way it looks.

2. Military Coin Box


Military Coin Box



There are ready-made military coin boxes available online to store military medals and coins. This is a great way to hold your medals and they look pretty neat compared to their glass jar counterpart.

3. Hanging Your Medals

Hanging Your Medals


Get a simple hanger from the store or build one yourself with a simple plain plank of medal or wood and start adding pins to it. Now with the use of the ribbons of a medal, you can hang them pretty easily.

4. Personalized Medal Hangers 

But here’s the catch. One, these DIY items do not hold any special memories associated with winning moments. Two is probably the most important aspect you should probably consider as these DIY products do not have what it takes to hold more medals.

 personalized medal display hangers

Let's say if you are an elite athlete who consistently wins medals and needs a forever solution to your medal crisis. A normal athlete wins roughly a medal every month and that totals at 12 a year if you wish to display all those 12 medals, you will probably need something more practical than just a DIY medal hanger.

You are going to be on the lookout for something that’s built specifically for carrying more medals. There are currently very few online stores where you can get medal hangers. 

These will do their job of hanging your medals but they are a mere upgrade from the DIY medal hangers meaning you do get to explore the memories associated with winning the medals.

How exactly do you intend to experience the special moments and also hang those extra number of medals?

Getting your very own personalized medal hangers can do these jobs perfectly. These personalized medal hangers are super strong and can hold well over 45 medals intact and also you can get your personal sports figure and custom name engraved on it. 

This is indeed a very cool move in displaying your medal in all its glory, whether be it your bedroom or living space, these not only add a sense of pride and joyous moments to your winning moments but also goes the extra mile in adding an element of aesthetic perfection to your room’s ambiance as well.

These can be indeed a perfect gift to your loved ones with a customized name on the medal hanger. Be it your kid or your close ones, these medal hangers will help in motivating them to achieve more by displaying their medals and reminding them of their successful moments.