Being a good parent is totally in contrast with being a good sports parent. There are obvious similarities between them, like being there for your kids at needful times. But a thin line draws out major differences between a good parent and a good sports parent.

And by sports mom or dad, we do not mean the process of nurturing a kid from the day he was born into a sports star. Nope, not that, instead we talk about identifying the potential in your kid and being there for them as a genuine caretaker.

If your kid is into any kind of sports, then you should know these 8 things that will assure you the path to becoming a good sports parent.

  1.   Be a parent, not a coach

One of the prominent and key roles in being a good sports parent is to recognize the fact that you’re not the coach. You are the kids’ parents. According to Statista, around 65% of Gen Z parents watch their kids play their sports. This is a good sign that being a parent, they are taking the first responsibility towards becoming a good sports mom or dad.

Unless you’re coaching your kids’ team, make sure you do not give them any instruction you are not certain of. Instead, encourage them and be assured that you are there for them.

  1.   Giving a positive approach

Don’t go too hard on the comments. Your words play an important role in constructing their confidence, so make sure you use the right words in terms of constructive criticism. Shouting out words can disrupt their confidence and ruin their career as good athletes.

As a parent, it’s so important to understand that their behaviour has a huge impact on the upbringing of the kid. Kids learn from their guardians or parents so it is highly recommended to display calm and pleasing behaviour in front of them during their gameplay or practises.

  1.   Win or lose doesn’t matter

This is something that every parent should focus on. A good game is about the process and learning. It doesn’t matter if your kid loses out on the play as learning from their games’ tactics is what keeps them going in the next game. Teaching your kids the value of progress and process makes you a good sports parent.

We believe in creating the moments, it doesn’t matter if the kids win or lose. Making special memories is the need of the hour. Another great way of motivating your child is to display their medals on a medal hanger.

  1.   Let them discover their Fortier

Just because you love football, doesn’t mean your kid has to do what it takes to make it to the team. Provide them with an environment where they get to choose what they like playing the most. Choose along with them and enjoy as they play. Let them choose their strong game and flourish in it, be it indoor or outdoor sports.

  1.   Setting good examples through Ethical guidelines

It will be a privilege if you can be a great sports example. Even if you’re not one, that doesn’t sound bad either, guide your kids to look up to greater sports stars and educate them about how they conquered their territory. But the key move is to gently push them towards the goal and not forcefully make them adapt to a new environment for which they are not ready yet.

There are more ethical guidelines to ensure you are always on the right side of parenting. Here are a few guidelines you can follow during your kids’ play:

  • A pat on the back of your kid has such a positive approach to the situation regardless of the result
  • Do not criticize your kids’ gameplay as only a trained coach has the liberty to do it in a manner that can appear as a constructive criticism
  • Let your kid learn and discover on his own. Do not give any random instructions from the sidelines
  • The important ethical guideline is to understand that a kid has the right not to involve in a sporting event as much as he/she has while deciding to play.
  1.   Have fun

The idea is to let your kids have fun in the process. A stiff face would make them hate the sports. Kids love having fun and that’s exactly what you’re going to teach your kid. This will make you an excellent sports enthusiast and also ensure your kid loves you as much as they love the main sports. As they have fun, they get to learn a new skill, new tactics, and a game strategy as well.

  1.   Stay active

Kids learn from their parents. So start living an active lifestyle with exercise and a healthy food diet. This will teach your kids to eat only healthy options and stay active for long-term results in their careers. These not only make them stay active but also helps in keeping them disciplined in their sports.

Being a parent to sports kids, one must sacrifice or let go of certain things that might pull down the endurance. Sugar and junk foods are few among them. Here’s a list of healthy food options you can consider giving your kid for the future of a good sport.

Here's one way how the Gen Z parents are keeping up with their kids’ games

Remember nothing gives your kids the confidence as much as your presence during their gameplay does. Ensure you take your time off the work and be there for your kid and cheering, which will boost their confidence to the next level

  1. Let them focus on the moment

Teach them the importance of playing for the moment and the glory as winning or losing depends on the process and not the final output. Let them enjoy the moment which will allow them to go creative with the process and helps them in redefining the game strategy.

Being a good sports mom or dad takes more than just accompanying your kids to the game. It is about learning, executing, and growing with your kids along with the sports they play. Try to keep up with the ethical guidelines and ensure you give your kid the freedom to take their own decision before, during and after the game as well.